Visitor’s Info

  1. We are a Strong Bible-Based Church

The Bible guides everything we do and practice. We love the Word of God and accept it as the only inspired Word of God. The messages are practical and life-changing.

  1. We have a Diverse Membership

You are going to feel at home in our congregation because ALL races are represented. (Whites, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, African, Caribbean, etc.) We believe we are all created in God’s image and we celebrate and treasure our diversity. We are a multi-racial church in Georgia and believe that is the way it should be. You don’t see that every day in the South.

  1. We have an Excellent Children’s Ministry

Your children will love our Children’s Ministry as we teach them about God and His love for us all.

  1. We have a Focused Women’s Ministry

Women make up more than 50% of our congregation and the women are able to get their needs met through the Women’s Ministry. Our Minister’s wives serve full-time in the ministry alongside their husbands. The wives of our Elders ensure that the older women are training and helping the younger women be their best as mothers and wives.

  1. You will Love the Worship

Every Sunday, we strive to worship and praise God in different ways. We do Contemporary Christian songs, Acapella, Gospel, Hymns, songs in Spanish, etc. Something in the worship will connect with you.

Click on Calendar to find out our service times and location. We look forward to welcoming you.

Upon arrival, please check your kids into the Children’s Ministry, and then make your way into the main auditorium for the adult class and worship.

Helpful hints for your visit:

What are your services like?

People describe our church services as worshipful, energetic and loving. Sunday Service typically lasts for 2 hours and includes an Adult and Children’s Bible Study Class, inspiring singing/worship, a reflective communion message and a practical sermon.

What should I wear?

When you visit you will find people wearing everything from jeans to suits. Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable worshipping God. We will feel completely welcome — whether you are casually dressed or in your Sunday best.

What’s expected of first-time visitors?

Nothing! Rest assured we’re not going to ask you to raise your hand, stand up or come up front. You’re sure to meet warm, friendly people at our services, but you will not be singled out. Don’t feel obligated to give to our weekly offering or participate in communion unless you want to. There are no expectations of you as a guest but simply to worship God.

Can I take Communion?

There is no expectation that you participate in communion as a guest. However, if you want to take communion at our services, you are more than welcome to do so.

What about my kids?

We want to make sure that both children and adults enjoy an encouraging and inspiring time each Sunday. We start at 10 with classes for everyone (both adults and kids.) After the classes, we all gather to worship God together with our children. (except for the nursery class)

How do I become a member?

We believe that the church is simply a body of believers who have become true disciples of Jesus. If you want to be a part of this body, the first step is to study the Bible to find out what Jesus expects of His followers. To set up a personal Bible study or to attend a group Bible study in your area, contact us
for an introduction to one of the Family Group Leaders.